The objectives of Formation

To progress in the spiritual life they are given time for:      Participation in the Holy Mass, Liturgical prayers, meditation of the word of God, spiritual readings, Rosary and other devotional practices peculiar to our Institute, Sacramental life, the studies of the doctrine of the Church, the spirit of our Founders, the charism and the apostolate of the Congregation.

Human virtues: They should be helped to practice the virtues of sincerity, humility, fidelity, cleanliness, responsibility etc… .

Community life: They are also trained to live in the community through interpersonal relations, co-operation, dialogue and manual work etc… .

Intellectual and general aptitudes: They are also encouraged to study English, performance in Exams, creativity, music, organizing capacity and games etc….

  • In this way the candidates are helped to make discernment about their vocation freely and serenely to imitate Christ the merciful.

The three stages of formation are:


It is the initial period of discernment where the girls who are interested to join our Institute come together to observe our style of life which consists of three dimensions of our religious life which is prayer, fraternal communion and our mission. They are given a formation of human and Christian education. The period of Aspirancy is normally 1 year.


Its period of preparation to the Novitiate. Its aim is to favor, human, christian and religious maturity of the candidates. During this time the Institute will provide the necessary aid to make a progressive passage from a life of the world to that of a religious. During this period they will be also helped to have an experiential knowledge of God and of oneself. During this period they are also given the opportunity to experience the Charism and Apostolate proper to the Institute. The period of postulancy is normally 1 year and 6 months.


The Novitiate is the initiation into the life of our Institute. During this period, novices, guided by the novice mistress should become more aware of their divine vocation. They should understand and experience the life of our Institute better and mould their heart and mind to its spirit. Novices during this period are given the opportunity to experience the Charism and Apostolate proper to the Institute. The duration of novitiate is 2 years.