The specialty of the Camillian charism is to serve the sick even at the risk of our life. It constitutes the essential aspect of our mission. The healing activity of Jesus for the sick occupies a very large and essential part in the Gospel and it becomes a great sign of salvific mission of Jesus, our Messiah. Our mission is inseparably united with the Redemptive mission of Christ. Practicing the works of mercy towards sick and the needy, the Daughters of St. Camillus are continuing the Ministry of Jesus as healer.

The Camillian Spirituality is a radical style of life and it requires to identify ourselves with the merciful Christ and become good Samaritans to our neighbor in his or her greatest moment of vulnerability. (Lk 10,30–37) Christ is a doctor and Savior of humanity, portrayed himself as the “Good Samaritan.” From this parable derives one of the two main aspects of our spirituality and it presents us with the mission itself: that we ourselves be Jesus (the Good Samaritan) who looks after the wounded, the sick etc. We are called by Christ to continue His Mission to be actually in the world the human presence of the Merciful Christ.

The second aspect of our spirituality is based on the words of Christ in the Gospel, “What you have done to one of these the least on my brethren, you have done to me … …I was sick and you visited me.” (Mt 25, 31– 36) Christ is present in every human person, even when that person does not realize it. The theology of Incarnation is the presence of Christ in the human nature. In response to our special charism we recognize the Crucified Christ in the sick and in the person who suffer. “In this presence of Christ among the sick and in us, who serve in His name we find the basis of our spirituality.” (Const. No.16)